Showcasing Selected 'Islands of Creativity' within Our Family of Artists Aflame

A web site for showcasing artworks by our family of collaborative and creative artisans - based out of South Carolina, West Virginia, Hawaii and other locations as we travel around the world.

Artists Aflame – Our family of artisans are constantly growing in their skills and commitment to the creation and love of art. As the word 'aflame' denotes, each of our artists had their interest in the creative arts kindled and lit at some point which then set ablaze a desire to produce and refine a selected collection of their artworks they would like to display and make available to others around the world.

Current family artists displaying their selected paintings, photographs, and other artworks for sale in our online commercial ArtPal Gallery include:

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We also want to share links to selected information and resources we have found over the years that might be of interest to other artisans visiting our site, e.g. education and training materials, 'open access' news and articles, and 'open source' software tools.

Reflections of Lake Marion

Caribbean 'Twin Peaks' - Photo by Jason Dom

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